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Hi! My name is Jim George and I am passionate about St Helena and its people, not to mention the sun, sea and adventure as well.

Welcome to my News & Travel blog on the most extraordinary place on earth, St Helena…

These are momentous times for the South Atlantic island. My aim is to keep you all updated with all the very latest travel news on St Helena and this extraordinary part of the world in general. But most of all to showcase the beauty that is St Helena to the world.

You can contact me via Email at  sthelenanews1@gmail.com

ST HELENA- MARCH 2018 VISIT  I saw the real St Helena and I fell in love with her

FEEDBACK from my recent eight day trip to  gorgeous St Helena.

I have just experienced my best holiday ever. I can warmly recommend it. It’s a unique place on this planet, and the people… well delightful (everyone waves to one another as their cars go by and the street conversations I will forever cherish) and there is such astonishing geography and flora in a tiny space. The airport is bringing about change, but the process will no doubt be quite gradual.

To sum up my personal thoughts at the back-end of the experience I wrote a piece on the St Helena News & Travel page:

“Jim and Carol George’s trip to the best place in the world is almost complete and what a trip it has been, absolutely incredible from start to finish, a special thanks to virtually the whole population of SH that welcomed us with open arms. Everywhere we went was a magical experience, we were greeted at every turn, and I felt like a celebrity at every turn. The best people in the world in the most beautiful island in the world.

I came for the quiet, the peace, the staggering out of this world scenery, the endemics, and the different world. SH never ever disappointed.

Yes the memories of Napoleon, of Dinuzulu, of the Boer prisoners, of the East India Company, and so much more of the history is important. But it was the people of this island that made our stay. You are all incredible people. Till the next time.”

St Helena was magic and I cannot rule out returning there to live, if the right opportunity comes my way!


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