Great series of 5 articles on St Helena by Luke McKernan following his recent visit to the island


  • Photographs of the St Helena archives can be found on my St Helena Flickr album
  • The British government recently convened a Libraries Taskforce with the aim of “helping to reinvigorate the public library service”
  • So much for fantasy. There are plans for St Helena’s museum, archives and library to merge into a single cultural centre, plans for which can be found on the MWAI architects’ site.

The Articles-  recommended reading

This island’s mine:- The founding figures of many societies are lost in myth. Perhaps the Romulus and Remus of Rome, or Moses for the Jewish people, had some grounding in historical figures, but there is no way we will ever know. In any case, the idea of a founding figure is a myth in itself, as if anywhere Read More 

A game of cricket:- One of the things I was determined to do when visiting St Helena was to see a game of cricket. Though the island has a population of just 4,500, it supports eights teams who take part in a highly competitive league. It is an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council, and in 2012 took Read More


Eagle in a cage:- None of us entirely likes the stories others tell of us. The pleasure of acknowledgment is countered by the failure of comprehension. No one ever quite gets us right. This is notably true of St Helena. Aside from the misrepresentation of the far-away island by tourists such as myself, with quick opinions based on fleeting  Read More


The walk:- Does the road wind uphill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day’s journey take the whole long way? From morn to night, my friend. Christina Rossetti, ‘Uphill’ When I was on St Helena, I undertook the finest walk that I have ever experienced. This is the story of that walk. It Read More

The last library:- I went to St Helena, one of the remotest spots on the planet. I flew thousands miles to get there, travelling down a continent and then across an ocean. When there I met wonderful people, saw entrancing countryside, visited historic locations, scaled heights to enjoy exhilarating views. I spent two weeks in the most exotic Read More


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