Airlink Announces Its Schedule Change for Cape Town – St Helena route; must book via Johannesburg

SA Airlink

Further to our previous notifications that it is not possible for customers flying on the service between Cape Town and St Helena to transit transfer at Windhoek, with immediate effect Airlink will no longer offer services between Cape Town and St Helena.

Airlink apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Airlink hopes that this service discontinuation is temporary. Airlink will continue working with the South African Aeronautical Authority to resolve the aeropolitical constraints that have unexpectedly brought about the discontinuation.

Airlink’s flights between Johannesburg and St Helena are not affected and will continue operating normally. The weekly flight departs from Johannesburg for St Helena on Saturdays at 09h00 routing via Windhoek for re-fuelling purposes. The return flight from St Helena departing at 14h30 to Johannesburg will normally operate non-stop but may on some occasions require a refuelling technical stop at Windhoek depending on the strengths and directions of the high altitude winds and the forecast meteorological conditions at Johannesburg.

Tickets can be purchased to fly between Johannesburg and St Helena and there are multiple single ticket multi sector interline connection possibilities available to our customers, with the Johannesburg hub offering abundant interconnectivity especially for customers originating or terminating their itineraries in Cape Town.  Please contact your preferred IATA travel agent for assistance in this regard, or contact Airlink’s reservations desk on +27 11 451 7413.

Customers holding confirmed tickets travelling between Cape Town and St Helena will re-route via Johannesburg at no additional cost to the customer. Airlink will continue to advise affected customers of arrangements prior to their departure travel date.

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