Remembering the RMS- what the people are saying

Leigh Richards- A message to all who has served on the RMS you have made us proud no matter what nationality you are as you served our island on this ship over her years but a special moment that we as Saints can raise a glass to are the professionalism & dedication of the 3 successful Saint Captains Adam, Andrew & Rodney who has done extremely well for their island during the time the RMS served our island.

Monica Constantine- Captain Adam Williams has made all our Sainnts so proud…..tougher than the rest matexxxx and to all our saints who has done a brilliant job on RMS St Helena she will be sorely miss from her home land

Dorothy Edson- ‘I am sure that as Saints we all have our own thoughts and memories today, of our Beloved RMS but I particularly, feel I want to give a mention to another childhood friend of Saints and that’s our former beloved Captain Rodney Young I know he is in the loop in spirit with these celebrations as he was a smart man and didn’t miss much. RIP Rodney, my friend, you will always be remembered as St Helena’s favorite Captain whether the RMS is sailing or not. xxx 

Jill Flagg-Young- Thanks all yes I know he will have been very proud to know that his other woman the RMS got a good send off as indeed he did a year ago yesterday. His memory and that of the RMS will live on in the lives of St Helenians.

Jeremy Hudson- RMS means something to St Helena, you can’t replace that with a cargo vessel or a aeroplane.You can live on St Helena and see RMS, however, you gotta be a Saint to understand what RMS means to St Helena.

Krimmie Roberts- Wish I could have had one more trip on the ship sure will miss it and the people that made r trips sooo awesome in the past. All the best and the best of luck in the future to all who had work hard and gracefully on this beauty and the ships before ❤️❤️

Bob Freese- Good luck RMS St Helena. You may be gone but our memories will live forever👏👏👏

Marjorie Harding- Very very sad an island, St Helena, left without a ship.

Lyle Dempers- To all that I have met during 22 years of servicing of the grand lady RMS ST HELENA memories have been made and kept never to be forgotten. Truly a day of mixed feelings fare thee well.

Rick Smith- What a fabulous emotional send off for the final voyage of the great RMS St Helena…marching bands, flags, hunting, explosions of confetti, cheers and many many tears. A time to remember….

Dawn Taylor- So glad I had the privilege to sail on her, a voyage I will never forget.

Lazuko Vimbutywala Mapuma- Goodbye RMS St Helena…it’s been a pleasure serving on you.. special thanks to the Company..Capt Adam Williams and the crew…I enjoyed my 6 years with you. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you. I am honored to have been one of the officers to serve on the last South Atlantic Royal Mail Ship… Again Farewell to the old lady RMS.


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