It’s farewell to an iconic shipping service- the RMS St Helena

Maritime Review Africa

The St Helena mailship will sail out of the Port of Cape Town today on her last trip to service the island of St Helena. The ship will make one last trip to the island and return to Cape Town in mid-February after 27 years of service.

Guests gathered on the vessel in the port last night to bid an official farewell to the vessel and the service that has been in operation for 39 years. A festive send-off is planned for later today when the vessel officially leaves the harbour.

The Royal Mail Ship St Helena was built in 1989 specifically to supply the island of St Helena, a British Overseas Territory deep in the tropical South Atlantic. She is British registered, 6,767 gross tonnes and has berths for a maximum of 156 passengers plus 56 officers and crew.

Upon returning to Cape Town in February, the vessel will be laid up for a short while. It is reported that a buyer is currently being sought.

*Captain Adam Williams and Ron Caris of RNC Shipping, the long standing agent for the vessel and service.

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