Responsible Tourism one of the key themes at WTM London this year


Monday Responsible Tourism Press Release

The first panel session of the day explored tourism’s efforts to address its carbon and water footprints. Speaking by video from Australia, Professor Susanne Becken from Griffith University said that tourism continues to base its approach to meeting these challenges on what she called the ‘fallacy of incremental change’. She explained that this means the […]

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WTM Responsible Tourism Awards 2017 to Focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

To celebrate 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, World Travel Market London is focusing World Responsible Tourism Day – including the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards – on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The WTM Responsible Tourism Awards will be presented at World Travel Market London on World Responsible Tourism Day, November […]

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Tackling Overtourism and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals key themes for WTM London’s responsible tourism programme 2017

World Travel Market London has announced that the two key responsible tourism themes this November will be what the travel industry should do about the emerging phenomenon of Overtourism; and how it should set about meeting the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals. Over the last year or more, the word Overtourism has increasingly been used […]

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Wednesday Responsible Tourism Programme Release

The day opened with a session on Captivity, Wildlife and Tourism. Dylan Walker, CEO of the World Cetacean Alliance, said that thanks to the growing demand for wild whale watching tourism, the commercial advantages of keeping these animals alive far outweighs their economic value as meat. Looking further at a wide range of animals from […]

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The Tenth WTM World Responsible Tourism Day Celebrated at WTM London

Twenty years ago the post-apartheid government in South Africa adopted the principles of Responsible Tourism in their national tourism policy and the campaign for Responsible Tourism began in the UK. To mark this anniversary, and the fact that 2016 sees the 10th anniversary of the responsible tourism programme at WTM London, this year the flagship […]

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