Travel review: Remote St Helena opens up to the world

Yorkshire Evening Post

Remote St Helena was where Napoleon was exiled, but with its own airport could it become the ultimate long-haul destination asks Claire Spreadbury.

Until last this month, St Helena was one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands. Set adrift nearly 2,000 miles from the tip of South Africa, it took a full six days to sail there on the mail boat from Cape Town – and that ship sailed only once every three weeks.

But now for the first time there are weekly flights to the tiny volcanic island where Napoleon lived his last years in exile. Now visitors can get there in just six hours from Johannesburg (including a refuelling stop).

There are hopes that tourist numbers will swell as a result. Previously, only a few intrepid adventurers made it to St Helena – between May 2016 and May 2017 the island welcomed just 4,000 of them. Now the aim is to attract as many as 30,000 visitors a year.

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