New tours to St Helena springing up all the time;

Rainer Schimpf

Silke and I ( get the chance to be on the second only commercial Airlink Flight – today from Johannesburg to St Helena Island. (

We will dive and scout the most undiscovered and potentially
“best Atlantic Dive destination”
in the next view days.

Cooperating with St Helanas Tourism Office,(
Mantis Hotel, ( ) and
Local Dive operators we prepare for a first commercial
Trip in February / March 2019 for keen photographers and Filmmakers who want to experience the unknown and endemic underwater world around St Helena.

From the unique migration of WhaleSharks, breeding HumpbackWhales, playful Spinner Dolphins, notorious pelagic Shark spices , mysterious underwater Sea Mountains, to endemic Corals and Shipwrecks from WW2 to the 14th Century – St Helena Island has it all and Silke and I will show it to the World!

If you are interested in joining our exclusive 14 day trips in February and March 2019 please query at and check us out on our website and our
Face-book ( presence.

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