SPECIAL OFFER- RMS St Helena cuts its fares by 50% on its St Helena-Ascension route as it nears its end…

St Helena Line

We are pleased to announce that there is still time to have a last short trip on board the RMS St Helena before she retires in February next year as we have space available between St Helena and Ascension on all upcoming voyages.

As an added incentive, a 50% discount will be applied to all bookings taken from the 23rd October 2017 for round trip voyages between St Helena and Ascension.

This offer applies to return voyages from St Helena to Ascension and Ascension to St Helena from 23rd October until the last voyage 268 in Feb 2018, and is subject to availability.

Please contact AW Ship Management (UK), Andrew Weir Shipping (South Africa), Solomon & Co (St Helena) or Ascension Island Government for details of availability and discounted fares.

Voyage 265, 11 November 17 to 29 November 17

Destination Arrive Depart Type
Cape Town START 11-11-17 Departure
St Helena 16-11-17 18-11-17 Stop Over
Ascension Island 20-11-17 20-11-17 Call
St Helena 23-11-17 24-11-17 Stop Over
Cape Town 29-11-17 END

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Voyage 266, 01 December 17 to 27 December 17

Destination Arrive Depart Type
Cape Town START 01-12-17 Departure
St Helena 06-12-17 08-12-17 Stop Over
Ascension Island 10-12-17 10-12-17 Call
St Helena 13-12-17 14-12-17 Stop Over
Ascension Island 17-12-17 17-12-17 Call
St Helena 20-12-17 21-12-17 Stop Over
Cape Town 27-12-17 END

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Voyage 267, 29 December 17 to 22 January 18

Destination Arrive Depart Type
Cape Town START 29-12-17 Departure
Tristan da Cunha 03-01-18 05-01-18 Stop Over
St Helena 10-01-18 12-01-18 Stop Over
Ascension Island 14-01-18 14-01-18 Call
St Helena 16-01-18 17-01-18 Stop Over
Cape Town 22-01-18 END

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Voyage 268, 24 January 18 to 11 February 18

Destination Arrive Depart Type
Cape Town START 24-01-18 Departure
St Helena 29-01-18 01-02-18 Stop Over
Ascension Island 03-02-18 04-02-18 Stop Over
St Helena 06-02-18 10-02-18 Stop Over
Cape Town 15-02-18 END

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Please note: As a working cargo ship the above schedule can be subject to change. Timings shown are our best estimate and are offered for guidance only. Errors and omissions excepted.

Voyage Schedules Information

If you wish to plan your own holiday you can do so by looking at our ports of call which will show where the Ship is planned to be on any particular date. You can then make your booking port-to-port, making your own arrangements for any travel and hotels. We are happy to help, should you wish – just call our reservations department on +44 (0)20 7575 6480 or email reservations@awsml.co.uk.

If you prefer to book a complete package, with hotels and flights included in the cost, please email reservations@awsml.co.uk for more information, or download our brochure here.

If you are looking for shorter packages (between 3 to 17 days) based on these voyages please download our Fares & Sailing Brochure

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