People who say there isn’t much to do on St Helena should glance at this list for starters! It’s a ”World in one Island” St Helena is ready to welcome the World

People who say there isn’t much to do on St Helena should glance at this list for starters! It’s a ”World in one Island”.

There are three characteristics here that are very promising for tourism – one is the warmth of the people who are genuinely helpful to visitors and want to see visitors having a good time. The Saints are just so friendly. Dont be surprised if everyone waves at you as you head down Market Street! There’s some very special scenery – the coastal scenery contrasting the dry volcanic rock with the deep blue sea down below and the green wooded areas up above – that’s special too. And then the historical links.

Activities and Tours:
Active Exploration • • •

22 Post Box Walks
Birding (seabirds and endemic Wirebird) Donkey Walking
Mountain Biking
Scuba Diving
Shooting / Archery
Sport Fishing
Stargazing (best place in world for this)
Sunset / Sunrise Cruises
Walking / Hiking
Whale & Dolphin watching – Humpback, Sei & Sperm whales; Bottlenose, Spinner, Rough Toothed and Pan Tropical
Whale sharks – watching
Beaches/ Swimming

Historic • •
Astronomy (Halley’s Mount and Observatory) Boer legacy •
Cultural • • • • • •
East India Company and other residents’ legacies
High Knoll Fort and other fortifications Jacob’s Ladder
Marine Wrecks Museum and Archives Napoleon & Napoleonic sites
Plantation House and Jonathan the Tortoise (world’s oldest land animal)
Portuguese and Dutch legacies
Slave legacy
Zulu legacy
Arts & Crafts (lacework, flax, woodcraft, art) Coffee
Live music events
‘Saint’ cuisine
St Helena Distillery (Tungi spirit)
Stamps and Currency

Natural Environment / Conservation • • • • • • •
Diana’s Peak Excursions with St Helena National Trust
George Benjamin Arboretum
Invertebrate & cloud forest nature trails
Millennium Forest Tree planting


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