St Helena Headline NEWS- 21 September 2017

ASI – HLE Air Service Announcement

Schedule and Ticket Prices

Ascension Island Government is pleased to announce that a monthly air service between Ascension and St Helena will start on Saturday 18th November. The Embraer E190 aircraft will arrive on Ascension at 4.30pm on the Saturday afternoon, remain overnight on Ascension so the crew can rest, before making the return trip back to St Helena the following morning.

The service will then operate on the second Saturday of each month, as a separate chartered flight linked to the weekly JNB – HLE service. The proposed flight schedule is shown below. All times are shown in UTC (co-ordinated universal time) and have been converted to the local times at the airports involved for ease of reference.

As this is a chartered flight there is a standard rate for tickets, applicable to all travellers over the age of 2 years. Those wishing to fly between Ascension and St Helena will be able to purchase a ticket at the following rates (including all St Helena taxes):

 A return ticket – £845

 A southbound (ASI-HLE) single ticket – £415

 A northbound (HLE-ASI) single ticket – £430

2017/18 flight schedule for HLE – ASI air service Flight Route Date
HLE – ASI 18th November 2017
ASI – HLE 19th November 2017
HLE – ASI 9th December 2017
ASI – HLE 10th December 2017
HLE – ASI 13th January 2018
ASI – HLE 14th January 2018
HLE – ASI 10th February 2018
ASI – HLE 11th February 2018

Air Link ticket and schedule for HLE – ASC service – FAQ’s

Click to access 20170918-Air-Link-ticket-and-Schedule-FAQ-Final.pdf


Click to access Launch%20of%20Ticket%20Sales%20for%20St%20Helena%20Air%20Sevice%20-%20QandA.pdf

Introducing Airlink’s latest destination.

Airlink connects you to St Helena with direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town, on Saturdays.

Flight Booking Opening Soon.

St Helena flights are not open for sale yet, as we await the loading of the St Helena airport taxes.

Flights commence operating on 14 October 2017.

Affordable fares starting from:

Cape Town – St Helena return ZAR 15,300 / £847

Johannesburg – St Helena return ZAR 14,090/ £805

All inclusive

Ts & Cs Apply.

St Helena is known for the abundance beauty on this remote South Atlantic Ocean island and it is where the final chapter of Napoleon’s life played out. It is loved for the opportunities to swim with its whale sharks, explore historic wrecks and walk its rolling hills.


During this week’s Executive Council meeting, Members approved the Digital Strategy for St Helena.

The Strategy was widely consulted upon on St Helena and its overall aim is to take the Island forward and move it in line with the outside world through improvements in the Island’s health, education, economy and communications.

Assistant Chief Secretary, Paul McGinnety, said:

“Improved and more affordable connectivity for the whole community is a priority for St Helena Government and we are working with our partners to make this a reality. These benefits would improve all aspects of life on the Island from education to economic development to tackling the digital divide.”

Councillor Lawson Henry added:

“Landing this cable on St Helena will be a game changer for the Island. As a Government we must ensure that the benefits are inclusive and reach all sectors of our community and be affordable.”

The Digital Strategy is available on the Publications page of the SHG website:  

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