Latest from St Helena News & Travel- 28 August 2017


Announcement on St Helena airfares imminent- should know by close of business Tuesday…  watch this space for further details

Governor Lisa Phillips- Ticket prices are being discussed and the outcome will go to this Tuesday’s ExCo. We are trying to get the best deal. We are also waiting for decisions from SA CAA telling us whether they were satisfied with what they saw this week. “


Airport Runway Dash - What The Saints Did Next


Airlink’s Embraer E190-100IGW aircraft departed St Helena Airport at 3.11pm this afternoon, Tuesday 22 August 2017, having carried out a successful proving flight to St Helena. The aircraft is on its way to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The proving flight was for Airlink to demonstrate to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) operational proficiency in terms of ETOPS (Extended Range Twin Engine Operations) requirements. This is a routine exercise for new air services, and part of the preparations for introducing an air service on a new route.

A two-day programme was prepared to cover training and audits at St Helena Airport as well as various discussions with key stakeholders on-Island. During their visit, Airlink was able to assess Air Traffic Control, communications & navigation systems, emergency services, Rescue & Fire Fighting Services, Ground Handling Services, Passenger Assistance, terminal building facilities, and security.

As part of the training programme, Airlink carried out a total of 13 flight trials at St Helena Airport on Monday afternoon. These included ‘circuits and bumps’ – where the aircraft circles the runway, comes in to land, touches the wheels to the runway, and immediately takes off again for another circuit.

Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, Gwyneth Howell, said:

“The audits and training on Airlink’s systems and procedures at the Airport have gone very well over the past couple of days and the Basil Read Airport Operations Team is excited and ready for Airlink’s scheduled flights to commence.”

Alongside the training and audits, there has been a great deal of work underway on the practical planning for the commencement of the air service and the opportunities for tourism development that the air service will bring.

Airport Director, Janet Lawrence, said:

“The proving flight has brought together the different specialisms from SACAA, Airlink, St Helena Airport, potential tour operators and those working in the tourism sector.  My thanks to everyone who made the visit a success.  The reality of a regular scheduled air service and the opportunities it will offer the Island is fast approaching.”

It is anticipated that ticket fares and the commencement date for air services to St Helena will be announced shortly.

August 2017


Hutt’s Gate Reservoir was officially opened this afternoon, Thursday 24 August 2017, at 1pm. The official opening was attended by HE Governor Lisa Phillips, Connect Saint Helena Ltd staff, invited guests and members of the public.

In his opening speech, Connect’s CEO, Barry Hubbard, welcomed everyone and thanked those involved in the creation of the new reservoir, making special mention of the person who many years ago had the foresight to secure the site for future development of this reservoir. He stressed the importance of a structured approach to the Island’s development, which will require optimal sites to be identified and earmarked for new utilities infrastructure in the future.

Connect’s Operations Director, Leon de Wet, highlighted the need for the reservoir development programme to be further supported by SHG and other stakeholders in order to address the raw water needs of the Island – making it more resilient towards both short-term and longer-term drought events.

Hutt’s Gate reservoir holds 11,200 cubic metres of water and is five times larger than the existing one at the Hutt’s Gate water treatment works. With normal consumption, the water in this new reservoir will last for about 40 days. The design for this reservoir, along with a number of other reservoirs, commenced in April 2015. The procurement process commenced in April 2016, with works beginning in November 2016.

Invited guests, Connect staff and members of the public then proceeded to the reservoir itself to witness Her Excellency, Governor Lisa Phillips, turning off the valve feeding water into the full reservoir, and the handover certificate being presented from the project team – Isaac’s Construction – to Paul Duncan, who is responsible for water operations.

Three photos are attached to this release.


Students and former students of Prince Andrew School (PAS) today, Friday 25 August 2017, received their much anticipated GCSE and A-Level exam results.

Their official Statement of Results were issued to them in a short presentation held in PAS’s Lecture Theatre. In attendance were parents, teachers, and representatives from many Island employers including the private sector.

Head Teacher of PAS, Penny Bowers, was pleased with the turnout and praised the efforts of the parents that took the time to attend the presentation. She spoke about the significance of obtaining good results now and the important next stage for the students, whether it be employment or furthering their education.

Certificates were also presented to students who had taken the opportunity of embarking on work experience.

Work Development Coordinator for the Education & Employment Directorate, Cynthia Bennett, said:

“Every year I stand here and try to emphasise to everyone just how important these work experience programmes are. The reality is that as our economic environment becomes more challenging and competitive, the greater this importance becomes. Once again I have been overwhelmed by the way the students have gone out there and applied themselves in the workplace.”

Following the presentations, students were given the opportunity to speak to Island employers including Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc and Sure South Atlantic Ltd. Students also took the opportunity to seek career advice from their teachers.



What a wonderful weekend we have had, absolutely beautiful! And guess what everyone? It is a FISHING DAY!!! The first of the season. It is a great day for it too. Everyone is really keen to find out what the catch maybe as the Crayfish have had a nice long break.
As I mention before the weekend was glorious and on Saturday, even I took a trip on the mountain. We went up Burnt wood which is out west beyond the patches near to the Bluff. It is the most popular way for people to go up, especially if you are an inexperienced walker like me. Even though it is the ‘Easiest way’ it is not a breeze in the park. Very steep walking, with narrow ledges. If you have any kind of fear of heights it is not the place for you. After an hour and half walk we finally made it to the edge of the base. From there the view is breath talking (as seen in photos). It is so magical, so peaceful and quiet. Up there you can really feel away from it all. On the ground is a sea of Bog Ferns that you have to wave yourself through, you can imagine this is what the set of Jurassic Park is like?
After a couple of hours of taking in the lovely views we headed back down, talking us about an hour. I really enjoyed my day up on the mountain but I am still rather sore today.
Sunday again was a glorious day and the marking of lambs continued. We don’t know will there be any more fishing days this week? But at least they have made a start. Time just seems to be flying by the SA Agulhas will be leaving a week on Thursday, and wow what a busy time that will be.

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