St Helena Headline NEWS- 19 July 2017


Weather at 13.30 LT

Longwood 18

Jamestown 22

Yesterday a South African Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane landed on St Helena on a technical stop, and was on the tarmac for about an hour.  Its 12 crew only stayed a short while before taking off again for Brazil.

Saint FM reported this morning that the necessary planning for the swimming pool has not been granted so far. Plans have been submitted and we await further feedback on this.

Saint FM- Commonwealth Youth Games team arrived in the Bahamas yesterday after a 9 hour flight from the UK. The Opening Ceremony will be held this evening and competition will get underway tomorrow. Team scheduled to arrive back on St Helena on 30 July 2017.

Listen live


St Helena Government releases GENERAL ELECTION 2017 – VOTING Q&A

Click to access General-Election-2017-Voting-QA.pdf


Lawson Henry talks to Saint FM about why you should vote Henry on polling day

Election Special is a featured talk program where Saint FM will talk to as many candidates who have been nominated to stand for the upcoming general election the first candidate to talk on air at Saint FM is Lawson Henry who explains why he should be re-elected to serve on the Islands Council.

Election 2017- Sams Radio 1 counsellor interviews

19/07/2017 Wednesday 09:00 Derek Thomas
19/07/2017 Wednesday 10:30 Russell Yon
19/07/2017 Wednesday 15:00 Corrinda Essex

20/07/2017 Thursday 10:00 Brian Isaac
20/07/2017 Thursday 11:00 Kylie Hercules
20/07/2017 Thursday 14:00 Anthony Green

21/07/2017 Friday 09:00 Mariane Yon
21/07/2017 Friday 10:00 Jeremy Johns
21/07/2017 Friday 12:00 Christine Scipio O’dean
21/07/2017 Friday 14:00 Cyril Gunnel
21/07/2017 Friday. 15:00 Clint Beard

24/07/2017 Monday 10:30 Cyril Leo

25-Jul Tuesday 11:00 Pamela Ward Pearce



Science Plan on South Atlantic Launched

Department of Science and Technology, SA Government

A science plan between South Africa and Brazil for research cooperation on the South Atlantic has been launched.

The department of science and technology, in conjunction with its Brazilian counterpart, has released a statement announcing the launch of the science plan between the two countries.

The title of the science plan is “The South-South Framework for Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the South Tropical Atlantic and Southern Ocean”.

Three key focus areas are climate variability and change, ecosystems variability and controlling processes, and living and non-living resources, and biodiversity.

The aim of the science plan is to frame and deepen research cooperation with a focus on the South and tropical Atlantic, and the Southern Ocean.

The plan, which was developed based on outcomes from workshops attended by officials and researchers from other African and South American countries, hopes to jointly develop and deploy new technologies for ocean exploration. This is seen as an important opportunity for technological innovation identified by both countries.

The science plan is available on the department’s website at 


Ever wondered why so many St Helena surnames are actually 1st names? See here! • Origins of island surnames


Pointless waste of foreign aid cash cannot continue, says STEPHEN POLLARD writing in the Express newspaper today in the UK.

A report published on Monday by spending watchdog the National Audit Office to spend their allocations of aid.

Last year we handed over £13.3billion in aid.

That was the result of the target imposed by when he came to power, which demanded that we spend at least 0.7 per cent of GDP on aid. The NAO found that while the Department for International Development (DfID) was getting better at managing its budget – a trend that had improved markedly since Priti Patel became secretary of state – it is only responsible for 74 per cent of aid spending.

This leaves 26 per cent of that £13.3billion total to be allocated by other departments and government bodies.


UK Parliament

Written question HL992: Lord Jones of Cheltenham 18-07-2017

Asked on: 18 July 2017
Department for International Development
Her Majesty’s Government when they expect a regular air service will begin to and from St Helena.
No answer as yet

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