St Helena Headline NEWS- 18 July 2017



An aircraft made a technical stop at St Helena Airport today, Tuesday 18 July 2017.

Depending on weather conditions, the aircraft arrived at approximately 9.25am for a 1hr turnaround, departing again at 10.25am.




This guidance does not replace the provisions of the Elections Ordinance & Regulations and Candidates have been advised to read the Elections legislation fully to understand their rights and responsibilities.
Candidates and the media during the elections campaign
The Media Code states that Candidates should not act as news




Former Councillors wish to thank all those who participated in the consultation process relating to a proposed amendment to Chapter 1 (St Helena) Section 21 of the St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha Constitution that seeks to allow for the prioritisation of persons with St Helenian status in different aspects such as employment and landholding. 1123 signatures in support of and 14 individuals against the proposed amendment were recorded during the consultation period.

Public consultation took place via public meetings on the Island, four radio phone-ins, one-to-one discussions with Councillors, involvement of the Chamber of Commerce, and through St Helena Representatives on Ascension and the Falkland Islands, as well as via the social media platform Facebook. In addition, written submissions were invited.

The proposed amendment, together with a report on the views expressed during the consultation, was considered by Executive Council on 18 May who agreed that an amendment to the Constitution would be forwarded to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for consideration.

Former Councillors have agreed to publish the report of the feedback gathered from the public.  It is available on the Publications page of the SHG website at:

Hard copies of the report will also been placed in the Public Library and Customer Service Centre in Jamestown. Anyone requesting a hard copy can also contact the SHG Press Office at the Castle on tel: 22470 or via email:


‘Saint Slimmers’ – a Healthy Eating & Weight Management course – has been restarted by St Helena’s Dietician, Georgina Giebner, to help others with self-management and peer support.

The Saint Slimmers course which started again on Thursday, 13 July 2017, will run every other Thursday. The next four dates are


The RMS St Helena is making good process towards Cape Town. She has 123 passengers and 58 crew on board. ETA in Cape Town is 16.00 on Saturday, 22 July 2017.


10 Things I’ll Miss Most About St. Helena by Sarah Pitts

1. Sunsets

Every night is spectacular and always a little different. On a clear night with no clouds, you can see the green flash.

2. People know you

Even if they don’t know your name, most people hear about you or what you do. Before we got here people knew that “the two American Girls” were coming.

3. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is completely safe and easy to do around the island. You don’t even have to stick your thumb out to have someone stop and offer you a lift. Sometimes a friendly taxi driver will even give you a free lift when it’s raining.

4. St. Helena Coffee

The Arabica beans on St. Helena are thought to be some of the most pure Arabica beans – the plants haven’t cross-bred with other beans because of the isolation of the island. While a small bag is sold in the U.K. for around 100 pounds, you can buy one here for just over 8 pounds.

5. The RMS – the lifeline for St. Helena

After two months without the Royal Mail Ship St. Helena coming to the island at all, it’s always comforting to see the ship in the bay. Everything feels complete when the RMS is here.

6. Post Box Walks

There are 22 walks around the island that each have a Post Box at the end with a notebook, stamp and pen. Each walk is completely different, offers spectacular views and is a healthy workout.

7. Sunday Lunch

A St. Helenian Sunday lunch is magical – think curry feast, traditional roast and drinking from early afternoon until you’re ready to fall asleep – with family and friends.

8. Waving

People wave to each other on St. Helena, even if you don’t really see who the person is, or you do and haven’t actually met them yet.

9. Fresh fish

After living in landlocked states for most of my life, the ability to have fresh fish is such a treat. One day we bought a huge hunk of tuna, freshly caught that day.

10. Red tea

Rooibos tea, which I still struggle to pronounce properly, is a South African specialty and is common on St. Helena. It goes well with coffee and the combination can be served as a Red Latte.

Latest weather 16h00

Jamestown 23 sunny

Bottom Woods 17 partly cloudy



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