St Helena Headline NEWS- 17 July 2017


Weather- 21:20 LT

Jamestown 21, Deadwood 17, Ascension Is 25, Tristan da Cunha 14, Gough Is 13, Stanley 7, Cape Town 9


We are expecting an announcement on air access to St Helena either this week or next, Saint FM reports two main sticking points,namely the situation pertaining to Ascension and the other relating to which airport flights should emanate from, Cape Town or Johannesburg- WATCH THIS SPACE


The RMS St Helena departed James Bay at 11:07 LT this morning for Cape Town. She is scheduled to arrive in Cape Town on 22 July at 16:00 LT


It has been announced that next Miss St Helena contest (for entrants 16-35), will consequently be managed this year, for the first time, by the Half Tree Hollow Community Association (HTH Community Association). This after the Guiding Association pulled out.


GENERAL ELECTION 2017-Six of the candidates’ manifestos were published in the St Helena Independent last week. No doubt the other 11 should be published later this week.St-Helena-Independent-20170714-1


Add St Helena to your bucket list.

It has been announced that the Mantis St Helena Hotel is opening October 2017.

We can hardly wait!


From St Helena Government-

A draft Digital Strategy for St Helena has been issued for public consultation.

The aim of having a Digital Strategy in place for St Helena is to take the Island forward and move it in line with the outside world through improvements in the Island’s health, education, economy and communications.

The following meetings will take place as part of the consultation:

  •  Business Community – Tuesday, 18 July, the Canister from 7pm – 8pm
  • Non-Government Organisations – Thursday, 20 July, Council Chamber in the Castle from 6pm – 7pm
  • General Public – Monday, 31 July, Jamestown Community Centre from 7pm – 8pm

The public should note the change in the date and time for the General Public Meeting.

 Meetings are also planned to take place with schoolchildren.

 The draft Digital Strategy is available on the SHG website under the Public Consultations section of the Publications page: Hard copies are also available at the Customer Service Centre and Public Library in Jamestown.

Comments on the draft Strategy should be sent via email to: by Friday, 4 August 2017.

Feedback received during the consultation period will be used to finalise a business case which can then be taken forward.


St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

New Ground

Concerns were raised about the Government Garage staff at Donkey Plain testing the brakes on their vehicles on the road from New Ground Point to the Government Garage. This practice is seen as being dangerous and raised concerns for Public Safety

Officers have spoken to the Manager of the Transport Division who responded by informing officers that Government vehicles will now be tested in the lower area of New Ground which should alleviate any further public concerns.

Half Tree Hollow (HTH)

Police were asked to look at the possibility of having a Lollipop Lady present near the bus shelter at the Half Tree Hollow Clinic during times when the school bus picks up and drops off children. Members of the public and parents were concerned with the children’s safety

Over the past two weeks, officers have been present during peak hours at both the HTH Community Centre and near HTH Clinic. Photographs and Body Worn Imagery have been documented and will be compiled and delivered to the Education Directorate within the coming week.  Road Safety Crossing talks will be conducted in Schools in the coming months to help educate children on road safety.

White Gate

There were concerns about vehicles being used on the roads while emitting excessive smoke from exhaust pipes  

The Police and Vehicle Inspector have started carrying out vehicle stop checks around the Island. Vehicles will be stopped and checked to ensure the law is being complied with.


Residents have requested a disabled park near the supermarket

Officers have spoken to the Roads Section and will arrange for this to be brought to the next meeting of the Highways Authority.


There were concerns about traffic congestion in the area of the ‘Brow’ where certain drivers are expecting oncoming vehicles to reverse out into the main road. This is a safety concern and is only being experienced with certain drivers

Officers are currently looking at this and are in the process of trying to identify the drivers concerned. They are also looking to have a meeting with the Roads Manager to discuss a way forward.

In Barracks Square there are concerns about smoke being emitted into houses when vehicles are parking in front of them, thus causing a health issue

This area has been visited to establish if this is a problem and Police are also in the process of meeting with the Roads Section to discuss what can be done to alleviate this.

The keys to the disabled toilets near the Museum are kept at Police Head Quarters which causes an inconvenience when people wish to use the facility during the time the Police Office is closed

It is understood that the key at the Police Office is for emergency purposes only. Officers spoke to Mr Ian Rummery who advised that keys are available from Mrs Anna Crowie and people who are registered as disabled can be issued one free of charge.


The Sentinel reports that Solomon’s Bakery will now be baking fresh bread every day – but unfortunately, bread prices are also on the rise.

Prices on bread sourced locally from the Solomon’s Bakery are increasing, but not all

products are affected; Solomon’s Branded Bread, sold in printed bags, will be unaffected by the change.

According to Mandy Peters, CEO of Solomons, the price changes were caused by increased cost in the raw materials used to make bread.

Another influencing factor, according to the article, was the decision to bake fresh bread every day. “During a recent survey with our customers who wholesale bread directly from our Bakery, wholesale merchants indicated bread baked on the same day as sold would be a key satisfaction factor for them,” Peters said. “We are therefore offering them bread baked on the same day, with effect from Monday 10 July. With the recent increases in raw ingredients, pricing will increase.”


Andrew Turner from the Sentinel reports that The St Helena Commercial Fishermen’s Association (SHCFA) is launching a new initiative to improve the local fishing fleet and encourage increased in-shore fishing. ESH have granted the association £50,000 to be spread out in grants across the local inshore fishing fleet.

“ESH has recently allocated funding to the SHCFA which will help to improve the local fishing vessels and hopefully to encourage inshore fishing,” said ESH Business Start- Up Coordinator Cara Joshua.

“This initiative has come about to encourage the fishermen to catch more fish and to help grow one of the key sectors of the Island.”



The public is reminded that the Safeguarding Directorate has this year launched the first ever St Helena Care Awards. These annual awards will pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work across the Social Care Sector.

There are eleven award categories available for nomination, representing all areas of the Social Care Sector – whether it be community, specialist services, residential or home care.

A list detailing all eleven award categories and their criteria can be found on the Publications page of the SHG Website at: Alternatively, hard copies, nomination forms (see attached), and posters outlining details on how to make a nomination can be found in various places of public interest including: The Castle, Public Library, Customer Service Centre, and at Brick House in Jamestown.

The deadline for nominations is Thursday, 31 August 2017, with the Awards Night scheduled to take place at Plantation House in September.



SHG on glass waste recycling- In 2016, Waste Management Services (WMS), in partnership with Chris Bargo from CNSKB Trading, commenced glass waste recycling operations at Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS).

Working in collaboration with CNSKB Trading, who voluntarily undertakes glass waste recycling, has proven to be successful, and environmentally beneficial. The reduction of glass waste volume to landfill has been evident across waste composition analysis calculations – the ‘waste wheel’ – with 18.84% in 2016, down to 9.17% in 2017.

WMS has supported CNSKB Trading with:

  • Olympic bins – located throughout Jamestown and Longwood (Olympic bins facilitate the disposal of street litter, cigarette butts and glass waste)
  • Eco bins for glass waste – located at Bars in Jamestown, and at the Wharf
  • Additional red wheelie bins for glass waste recycling – located across the Island
  • Free use of a dry and secure building, with electricity and water, at HPLS for glass crushing operations
  • Shared collection and transportation of glass waste to HPLS (alternate weeks)

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“The glass waste recycling partnership between Waste Management Services and CNSKB is a demonstration of how working in collaboration towards a shared goal can be so rewarding. The reduction of glass waste to landfill is not just environmentally beneficial but also contributes towards extending the design life of the Horse Point Landfill Site.

 “I am grateful to the public for recycling their glass waste and would encourage everyone to continue to play their part, recycling glass wherever possible, in order to improve further on the impressive waste wheel figures.”

Correct use of the glass waste recycling bins is important to achieve a higher quality glass waste product for reuse. Glass waste recycling bins that are contaminated with non-glass waste e.g. food containers, cans and other street litter, creates an additional step in the recycling process, as these wastes need to be removed before crushing, which is both costly and avoidable.

Adopting more of a recycling culture now, will make the transition to commercial recycling of wastes easier in the future.

WMS are committed to their mission statement – ‘Working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena’ – and would welcome the opportunity to work with other private sector partners in order to introduce more Reduce, Reuse or Recycle initiatives. Should you wish to discuss an opportunity, please contact Mike Durnford on tel: 24724 or via e-mail:



SHG reports that works to the Jamestown Swimming Pool are advancing, with the continued improvement to the changing rooms and the completion of the filter room strip out.

Restoration works undertaken by the St Helena National Trust to the wall abutting the Swimming Pool is on programme, and the pipework installation phase will be tendered shortly.

The final phase works has now been approved by the Planning Authority and tenders will be finalised and issued upon completion of the pipework and filter installation.

The new swimming pool facility is expected to be completed before the summer period and will be much improved in terms of user flexibility, operational reliability and quality.


UK Parliament news-

Nigel Evans Conservative, Ribble Valley

To ask the Secretary of State for International Development, how many responses the St Helena Government received on its tender for the air service.

Photo of Alistair Burt Alistair Burt Minister of State (Department for International Development) (Jointly with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office), Minister of State (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) (Joint with the Department for International Development)

The tender process for the air services contract is managed by the St Helena Government. As that process is still on-going and is therefore subject to commercial confidentiality until completed, we are unable to provide the detail requested at this time.




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