St Helena Headline NEWS- 14 July 2017

Chris Dawson from Longwood, St Helena, has been awarded a prestigious Foreign & Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarship and will undertake a year-long Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University from September 2017.

The Saint FM news this morning covered the higher cost of living on island; bread increasing by 40p this week, tubs of margarine by 50p!! Inflation has ticked up quite considerably and the prices in the shops are soaring

Other news- Saga Pearl II to retire with a South African farewell cruise- Saga Pearl II is to end her career in the Saga Cruises’ fleet with a 54-night ‘South African Farewell Adventure’ cruise, which will start on 16 February 2019.

Built in 1991, Saga Pearl II sailed under several names and brands before joining Saga Cruises in 2010.

Sailing from Portsmouth, UK, Saga Pearl II will call at destinations including Gambia, Angola, Cape Town, East London, Mozambique, Durban, Richard’s Bay, Cape of Good Hope, Namabia, the South Atlantic island of St Helena, Senegal, Cape Verde, Madeira, Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. The last port is Ferrol, the gateway to Galicia and Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


Saint FM reports that Tony Leo has released a new documentary DVD on the RMS entitled ‘The Last Farewell’- for more details please visit
Copies of the film can be ordered and shipped worldwide


Both the St Helena Independent and the Sentinel will be out this afternoon and available to read online

Links- /  St Helena Independent and for The Sentinel- some great reading for the weekend


Weather 13.00 Local Time

Jamestown 22 degrees, partly cloudy, wind SE 19 km/hr

Levelwood 18 degrees, Partly cloudy, wind SE 20 km/hrcropped-heartshape-waterfall-st-helena-tourism3-960x3001.jpg

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